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Moulton Mayers Architects (MMA) is a full service architectural firm providing comprehensive architectural and planning services and has provided clients and public agencies with architectural services on a variety of building types for several years.

MMA offers the full scope of architectural services including site planning, programme analysis, cost estimating, design, contract documents, project administration, construction supervision and valuation reports.

The firm brings together a team of talented, highly experience and recognized professionals with proven track records in the design and construction of a board spectrum of building types, both local and abroad. MMA has an extensive background in the design of small and large projects. They include commercial, institutional and industrial facilities, as well as a variety of housing types for many clients.

The diversity of MMA through design skills and extensive research, combined with a thorough knowledge of the latest technological advances in construction, enables us to develop practical design solutions that meet the objectives of clients by balancing factors of aesthetics, economics and function, while presenting the challenge of tomorrow. Our firm is 100% computerized and our staff is very conversant with the Vectorworks and AutoCad programs.

MMA is committed to the design of responsive three-dimensional spaces. The philosophy and practice of the firm are to solve problems posed by the space needs of people and to go beyond pure function, to provide spaces which will enhance the lives of their occupants.

In order to achieve this result, MMA believes the architect must participate directly in the early stages of the planning process.

Working with the client and inter-disciplinary team of professionals must help to define goals, delineate direction and provide guideline within which design development can proceed most effectively. Optimum building designs and planning solutions which satisfy aesthetic considerations, special site constraints, budget restraints, as well as the client’s functional requirements and efficient decision making process and a constant reappraisal of priorities throughout the design process.

At MMA, experience gained from work on a wide variety of projects types informs each stage of the architectural or planning process; however, we offer no preconceived solutions. Instead we emphasize imaginative and flexible designs of dynamics spaces which adapt readily to functions and expanding human needs.


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St. Vincent and the Grenadines
West Indies
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E: mayersarch@vincysurf.com

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